Wooden toolbox filled with hand tools
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Hidden Features You Didn't Know Your Tools Had & How They Can Help
The metal teeth on the inside of some kitchen scissors’ handles can be used like pliers as a grip to open twist-off jars and bottles, crack nuts, and shell crab legs.
Use a ratchet bar clamp as a utility jack by unscrewing the wingnut, sliding off the jaw piece, and reattaching it to the opposite end of the bar to make it a spreader.
Utility Knife
The curved chipped edge on the corner of a utility knife blade is for stripping the rubber insulation off electrical cords without slicing through the internal fibers.
Box Cutter
The end cap on box cutters with snap-off blades is removable. Use the slit in the cap's bottom as a safety guard Instead of using your fingers to snap off the blade.
Measuring Tape
You can use the perforated edge on the pull-out tab of your retractable tape measure as a measurement marker to indent soft materials like wood, foam, or drywall.