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Hidden Gems At Thrift Stores That Are Full Of Value
Antique Globes/Maps
Vintage maps and globes feature high-quality materials and details that make them unique and desirable to collectors. Some may have historical significance, too.
Age, rarity, and condition will determine the piece’s value. Check for geographical markers that indicate the map’s age, or look up when a manufacturer made a particular globe.
Download a barcode scanner app to determine what certain books are worth, and try to find any first editions, early prints, or signed copies — especially of the classics.
Vintage Decor
18th and 19th century furniture, limited-production pieces, unique designs, handcrafted items, and objects of high-quality are highly sought after by collectors.
Familiarize yourself with different historical styles, look for signs of authentic aging or handcrafting, and check for the mark of vintage brands to ensure you buy a true antique.
The artist and the age of the artwork will determine the value of the piece. Check for a signature or autograph to look up the artist’s name, and focus on older styles.
Picture Frames
Even if a painting is not worth much, its frame could be valuable. Vintage pieces with Renaissance cassetta, Baroque, or Rococo designs earn a decent profit.
Check the frame for signs of natural aging, like uneven staining; pay attention to its weight, which should be fairly heavy; and search for a label that states its creation date.