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Hidden Secrets Pest Control Companies Don't Want To Tell You
Good Bugs
Some bugs in the house can be beneficial, but your pest control company might not want you to know this, as it can mean decreased business for them.
Most spiders, centipedes, praying mantises, and green lacewings are typically harmless to humans and assist in naturally controlling the insect population by feeding on other pests.
Harmful Sprays
Many pesticides used by companies pose health risks such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Some can even lead to more severe health issues.
Make sure that the person applying the pesticide is knowledgeable, and verify proper use instructions with the company. In case of doubt, look for another exterminator.
Home Inspection
When buying a new home, instead of relying on a general home inspector, set up a separate pest inspection for a more detailed search of the property.
A professional pest inspector will look at the structure of the home, check for signs of rodents or insects, and provide you with a detailed report, identifying potential issues.
Pesticide Immunity
Some pests can develop immunity to the chemicals used in pesticides. Because of this, the pest company might need to use even more poisonous options or come back repeatedly.
Bug Bombs
If used incorrectly, bug bombs can cause breathing issues, irritate your skin, and even contaminate your food. Plus, they aren’t always that effective at clearing up an infestation.