Hand Holding a Roll of Toilet Paper Against Blue Colored Background.
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Hide Paper Towels And Toilet Paper In Plain Sight With This Genius Tip
Having rolls of toilet paper and paper towels lying around your bathroom or any other area of your home doesn’t look aesthetically appealing. Luckily, there’s a simple solution.
Investing in a chic laundry basket is a clever way to hide your toilet paper and paper towel supply. To make it look even better, dress it up with a plant or books on the lid.
Before shopping, make sure to consider the placement and the size of the laundry basket you’ll need. Rounded Weave Rattan Hampers, available for $95 at West Elm, are a great option.
Additionally, you can use these baskets to store your beauty products, organize the cleaning supplies for your bathroom, or even discretely store your personal hygiene items.