Garden hose hung on faucet
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Hide Your Garden Hose In Style With IKEA's Clever Trones Hack
Left out, garden hoses can lead to a cluttered look; hidden away, they often aren’t nearby when you need them most. Fortunately, the IKEA Trones offers a simple solution.
This hack from Instagram's @ikeacreativeideas is perfect because the IKEA unit, originally designed for stowing shoes, is durable, water-safe, and excellent for outdoor use.
To transform a Trones cabinet into a hose storage cubby, drill or cut a hole in the back that fits around the outdoor water spigot. Then, remove the front portion that closes.
Cut away the back of the hatch with a utility knife so the entire inside is open. This allows ample room for a coiled hose that is still attached to the faucet and ready to use.
You can paint the Trones' exterior the same color as your home for a seamless look, and add a small window box of flowers or potted plants on top to further disguise the unit.