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Hide Your Kitchen Spices With A Hack From HGTV's Wendell Holland
HGTV's “Hot Mess House” host Wendell Holland knows the best place to keep spices out of sight in the kitchen without occupying any space in the drawers or cabinets.
Holland’s secret is keeping the spices in the kitchen tile backsplash tucked behind a retractable mini “wall” door. HGTV gave a sneak peek of the secret spices in a TikTok video.
A small door can be pushed open, leading to two shelves stocked with spices. The mini wall is right next to the stove, making it a great place to reach for spices while cooking.
With this storage space next to your stove or prep area, you can use one spice and pop it back on the shelf instead of carrying it over from a cabinet or drawer across the kitchen.
If you're not looking to remodel your backsplash or install a miniature cabinet on one of your walls, you can also save space by minimizing the amount of spices you have.
Unless you enjoy cooking many types of food, you only need about 10 spices in your cupboard. It is okay to add a few more, but have less than 20 to avoid chaos in your cabinet.
You can also use a tiered rack that has multiple shelves to keep your spices organized, so you won’t have to rummage through a cluttered spice cabinet.