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Hide Your Neighbor's Unattractive Fence With These Clever Ideas
Build Your Own
Put up your own privacy fence made of wood, vinyl, or metal to cover your neighbor’s effectively. Keep in mind this is an expensive option that may cost up to $3,000.
Use Breeze Blocks
These decorative concrete bricks that come in various styles can cover the fence and add design to your yard. However, they do require professional installation.
Buy Privacy Screen
Place a screen in front of the offending fence for instant coverage. They come in a range of style options and make a cheap alternative to installing new fencing.
Plant A Hedge
This natural option hides fencing while also reducing sound and blocking wind. Patience is key, as it requires maintenance and may take a year or more to grow fully.
Grow Climbing Vines
Install a trellis and add vine plants like morning glories or honeysuckle to create a beautiful partition. Be prepared to water, fertilize, and prune as needed.