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Hold Onto Your Old Coffee Mugs To Try These Brilliant Home Hacks
Propagation Station
Rather than buying a new vase to propagate your old plants, simply place your plant cutting in an old mug filled with water, add sunlight, and watch it grow!
Candle Holder
Create your own candles by pouring hot wax into an old mug. The size and shape of a mug are similar to a candle, and you can use the handle for easy maneuvering.
You can easily use your old mug to scoop any number of household items. From pet food to laundry detergent, the handle will keep your hands clean as you scoop what you need.
Pen Holder
If you have a mug that matches your office well, consider using it to hold your pens. This is a great way to use a mug that doesn’t do a great job of holding liquids.
Mosaic Art
If your mug is already chipped, take out your hammer and break it further into mosaic supplies. Mix up the ceramic with other miscellaneous items to create a masterpiece.