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Home Buyers Should Check For This Obvious Patio Flaw
When searching for a home, potential buyers should be cautious about houses with patios that have a cracked foundation, as it can be a sign of serious underlying problems.
While a cracked foundation isn’t always disastrous, it can escalate into a significant problem, especially if there are weeds or grass growing through these cracks.
Cracks that are ⅛ inch or wider, have one end broader than the other, or expand over time may indicate structural issues and require immediate attention.
Other warning signs include any cracks on foundation slabs or beams; wide, gaping, diagonal cracks; multiple vertical cracks in a row; and stair-step cracks alongside the walls.
The concrete surrounding a crack might be level or uneven, but if there is any noticeable moisture or odor emanating from the cracks, these could be further
red flags.
If you notice any of these signs, consult a concrete contractor before making an offer on the house so that you can assess potential repair costs and make an informed decision.