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Home Depot Vs Lowe's: Which Home Improvement Store Should You Shop At?
Home Depot and Lowe's have you covered when it comes to appliances, building supplies, hardware, paint, and more. Although these stores have a lot of similarities, they're actually competitors, so instead of making a pit stop at each store, here's which one you should be your go-to.
Lowe's targets professional plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, so they have a wider variety of large appliances and give more attention to decorative pieces. However, Home Depot targets people working on DIY projects, so they hold a lot of workshops intended for children and adults who want to learn about home improvement and even offer a tool rental service.
In general, these two companies have staff who are knowledgeable about home improvement, and they both offer online shopping and curbside pickup. Determining which store to go to really depends on your needs — if you're working on a DIY project or want to take a class, go to Home Depot, but if you're a professional looking for appliances, go to Lowe's.