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Why Ceruse Finishes Are Kitchen-Worthy
The number of available finishes for your kitchen may seem endless, but “Home Town” co-host Erin Napier loves using a ceruse finish on kitchen cabinetry.
Napier said, “I wanted a cerused finish, and if you look really closely, you can see in the grain of the wood — there's just a touch of white.”
She added, “I love [ceruse] because it keeps our kitchen from feeling heavy. I mean, we have solid wood cabinets that go up to the ceiling. I didn't want it to feel oppressive.”
Creating a successful ceruse requires choosing a wooden material that’s part of the ring-porous species, like red oak, white oak, and ash, to name a few.
The next step is to choose a base color, which is the dominating hue. Finally, select a contrasting hue, which will appear in the graining.