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HomeGoods Vs. At Home: Which Home Decor Store Is Better?
Since launching in 1992, HomeGoods has become a go-to store for homeowners to shop for decor, furnishings, and more. However, a home decor superstore from Texas, which is now known as At Home, has been on the rise since 2011, but which of the two stores is better?
HomeGoods averages around 28,000 square feet per standalone store, whereas At Home averages 110,000 square feet per store. While Homegoods has ever-changing and name-brand products, there is no guarantee that every store will have the same items, but At Home only sells its own personal collections.
Despite being an up-and-comer, At Home is known for being more organized and cleaner than HomeGoods, and you’ll notice it. even has a categorized clearance section. Overall, At Home has the upper hand against HomeGoods when it comes to size, supply quantity and variety, and store quality.