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Homeowner Reveals How Fixer Upper Home Renovations Really Hold Up
Fans of “Fixer Upper” know that Chip and Joanna Gaines are able to transform a house like no one else, but many wonder what becomes of the houses after the cameras stop rolling. Recently, PureWow interviewed Kristi Bass, owner of the famous “Little House on the Prairie” from Season 1, Episode 2, to find out just that.
According to Bass, the home was choppy and outdated before the renovation, with separated rooms and a poor lighting system. She praised the Gaineses for transforming the house into a charming, trendy one by removing the wall standing between the dining and living rooms, renovating and showcasing the kitchen, and adding a clawfoot tub to the bathroom.
This post on Yahoo Life revealed that the clawfoot tub was Bass' favorite added feature, and she also emphasized the new accent wall and large framed wall-hung mirror. After “Fixer Upper” ended, Bass added patio seating to the back deck, sprinkled outdoor lighting, and fenced the backyard.