Fresh basil leaves
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How A Basil 'Barrier' Can Keep Bugs Out Of Your Garden
By strategically growing and placing basil around your garden or interspersing it among your other plants, you can create a fragrant fortress that keeps bugs at bay.
The leaves of basil
have essential oils like citronella. When released, its scent confuses the insects' olfactory system, disrupting their ability to find their desired plants.
You can plant a basil 'barrier' via companion planting, where you place basil along with another plant that you want to protect from pests to enhance growth and improve yield.
Alternatively, you can also pot basil plants, providing mobility and flexibility. You can simply move your potted basil plants to the area facing an increase in bug activity.
As a bonus, pots of basil around your outdoor seating areas keep mosquitoes at bay, creating a peaceful and pest-free outdoor environment for your enjoyment.