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How A Cereal Box Can Keep Your Tupperware Organized
Tupperware can help you keep your food organized, but if your Tupperware itself needs organization, try making a DIY holder out of a cereal box.
For this DIY, all you need to do is cut away the top of the box diagonally, so it looks like a magazine file box. With the top removed, you can store Tupperware lids inside.
Make sure to choose a clean box, so avoid any boxes from sugary cereal. Although the bag within should contain the mess, sugary cereal can leave you with a sticky box.
Use a larger box to hold more lids at once. If you don't like the used cardboard look, try wrapping the box in fabric, self-adhesive paper, or gift wrap.
Be sure to sort your Tupperware lids before you commit to the box. If they don’t have any matching containers, donate or recycle the extras.