Leaking gutter in heavy rain
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How A Plumbers Snake Can Unclog Your Gutters
Rainspouts are crucial to your home drainage system, diverting rainwater away from your foundation. When they get clogged with debris, rainwater can overflow and damage your home.
A plumbing snake can clean out the accumulated debris. You'll need a ladder and a bucket to collect the debris, and be sure to wear safety gear, like gloves and eye protection.
Examine your rainspouts to locate the clogs, then gently feed the plumbing snake into the rainspout, starting from either the top or the bottom depending on where the clog is.
The snake's rotating coil will break up and dislodge the debris that's blocking the rainspout. Turn the crank to move the snake back and forth as needed to clear the obstruction.
Unclogging takes time, so be patient and avoid forcing the snake in, as this could damage the rainspout. Pull the snake out slowly to remove the debris, and dump it in the bucket.
To help prevent future problems and safeguard your home from water damage, regularly clean your rainspouts, especially during the fall when leaves are most likely to accumulate.