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How A Simple File Holder Makes Storing Plastic Shopping Bags A Breeze
Many homes probably have a collection of plastic bags under the kitchen sink cabinet. While this pile can take up much-needed space, a hack on TikTok offers a simple solution.
TikTok user @miseenplace_au created a clever hack to store her plastic shopping bags that just requires double-sided tape and a file holder.
The file holder helps keep them in one neat place under your sink and can be used for other bags, like Ziploc or cooler types.
To use this hack, wipe down the inside of the cabinet door with a damp cloth to remove stickiness, build-up, and dirt, then allow the door to air dry.
Measure out four pieces of tape and attach them to every side of the file holder. Finally, tie your plastic shopping bags into tiny balls and pop them into the holder.