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How Aluminum Foil Can Help Fix Your Faulty Flashlight
It’s frustrating when your flashlight flickers on but doesn't stay lit for long despite the batteries inside. It turns out a bit of aluminum foil could fix that problem.
Tear a small sheet of foil that’s the same size as the flashlight base. Turn off the flashlight, and open it to access the battery compartment.
Fold the aluminum thick enough to sit between the battery and the contact spring at the end of the flashlight. Reattach the bottom of the flashlight with the foil in place.
Turn the flashlight on and adjust the foil as needed. Aluminum works here as a metal conductor, and can carry an electric current from one point to another.
Aluminum foil can also take the place of a single battery. The current will run through the foil just as it does when you have two batteries, but the flashlight won’t be as bright.