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How Aluminum Foil Can Keep Slugs Off Your Kitchen Plants
If you're dealing with slugs in your garden, aluminum foil is a simple and effective kitchen item that can help save your plants. Here are a few ways to use it.
All you need to do is cut the foil into strips and fold it around your plants' stems, or you can simply place large strips to cover the surrounding ground.
The aluminum foil will act as a physical barrier, which will reflect sunlight and heat back onto the plant. This will help deter slugs because they thrive in darkness.
You can also cut the foil into small pieces and hang them on stakes or tree branches. Mixing pieces
of aluminum foil into your mulch is another effective method you can use.
Another method is to wrap the foil around seed starters or use it to line flower pots and seedling boxes to keep them warm and avoid an infestation.