Crumpled aluminum foil on a grill.
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How Aluminum Foil Can Keep Your Outdoor Equipment In Tip-Top Shape
Metal surfaces are prone to rusting due to moisture mixing with oxygen. Rust can wreak havoc on outdoor equipment, such as bicycles, skateboards, and gardening equipment.
Thankfully, you can undo the adverse effects of rust with nothing more than aluminum foil and some water. You'll also need a clean, dry rag to remove the excess rusty water.
To carry out this genius hack, grab a piece of aluminum foil. You can even use an old piece of foil from yesterday's leftovers — just give it a rinse to remove any food debris.
Next, crumple it into a ball, dip it in water, and scrub any rusty metal surfaces needing a makeover. You'll see the water quickly become dirty.
This is where your clean rag comes into play. Wipe away any rusty water and repeat the process until your outdoor items are rust-free.