Close up on lavender flower in nature, summertime, England.
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How And When To Water Your Lavender
There are two main ways to water your lavender: over-the-soil watering and bottom watering. Either of these is appropriate, and we're going to explain exactly how to perform the task.
The first method is over-the-soil watering. Pour water into the soil around the circumference of the roots, and make sure potted plants have ample drainage to prevent rot.
Give the plant water until you see it start to drain from the bottom, and make sure you remove any excess water from the plant saucer when finished.
The other best method is bottom watering. Fill the drainage tray with water and leave it for about 10 minutes, then check to see if the soil has absorbed and retained the moisture.
If the soil feels moist from top to bottom, then remove excess from the tray before replacing it. If the soil is still dry, add more water to the tray and give it about 20 minutes.
However, using this method doesn't enable the soil to rinse the salts and minerals away. To avoid this buildup, use the over-the-soil method once in a while with distilled water.
Until your plants have been established, you'll need to water them 1-2 times every week. Afterward, you can scale that back to just once every 2-3 weeks until
the buds form.