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How And When To Water Your Sunflowers
Sunflowers require regular watering, particularly at the start of their growing season, with a need for up to two gallons of water per week.
The best time to water them is early morning or late evening. This gives the roots an opportunity to absorb the moisture without the sun's intense heat causing
rapid evaporation.
Water should be delivered directly to the base of the plants to encourage deep hydration of their extensive root systems. Topping the soil with mulch can aid
in retaining moisture.
Balancing overwatering and underwatering is crucial for the plants’ wellbeing. To determine the appropriate watering time, check the top inch of soil for dryness.
Additional watering may be needed during dry periods. However, avoid watering your sunflowers after recent rainfall, during cold weather spells, or when frost
is expected.
As sunflowers reach maturity, they slow down or cease growing in height and require less water. Thus, adjustments in watering should be made in accordance with their growth stages.