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How Artificial Intelligence Can Come In Handy When Designing A Home
Midjourney is used to make digital art, special effects, and customized advertising. Aspiring decorators type a command to input their design preferences.
This includes themes, colors, and furniture styles that the AI uses to generate a 3D image of the room, allowing designers to visualize a space before actually redecorating it.
Interior AI
Interior AI is developed specifically for interior design. Just upload a pic of your current interior, then pick the type of room, style, and number of images you want.
There are over 32 pre-selected styles to choose from, giving you a range that includes vastly different designs, including contemporary, cottagecore, cyberpunk, rustic, and more.
Instead of creating pretty 3D images like most AI tools, Smartdraw enables users to create 2D floor plans with thousands of visual icons for in-depth designing.
They have icons for furniture, HVAC systems, landscaping elements, security systems, and more, meaning you can design any space with their software.
REimagine Home
This app evaluates interior design elements using an image of your room to create an image based on your desired stylistic choices, making visualization easy.
This app works with rooms already filled with furniture. You can reimagine both the furnishings and architectural elements, like the flooring, walls, and ceilings.
Foyr Neo
Using this app's seamless user interface, you can create a sample room in 2D, customize the design in 3D, and generate a rendered image that fits your specifications.
Foyr Neo has a community of professional designers at your disposal. Fill out a request form, and in three to five days, you'll have design feedback from a pro.