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How Bravo Star Jill Zarin Prevents Scratches
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Jill Zarin demonstrated in a TikTok post that you can prevent scratches, marks, or dents on your wooden floors by attaching “booties” or “slippers” to your chair legs.
Using leg covers on furniture legs to prevent scratches is helpful because it reduces direct contact with the floor and allows you to move your furniture around freely.
Zarin uses stylish knitted furniture socks that match her chair legs. They are elastic and flexible, but should be snug enough to stay firmly on the leg to prevent scratches.
Other common types of leg covers are felt pads and furniture gliders. You can also DIY your own leg covers by fastening pieces of fabric to furniture legs.
Aluminum foil can also be placed under your sofa or chair so it glides effortlessly. Leg covers can wear out over time, so check and replace them when necessary.