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How Buying A Home Featured On HGTV's Fixer Upper Really Works
Some homes on "Fixer Upper" are available for purchase, and while living in one of the properties invigorated with Joanna Gaines' signature style is exciting, it is also expensive.
According to real estate broker Matthew McLeod, there's an idea among the listers that linking the home to the show will cause it to sell quicker, which hasn't been the case.
"The more expensive they get, the harder any home [...] is to sell," he told "No one is willing to pay extra money because a [celebrity] remodeled their home."
Three listings once featured on the show have an asking price above $500,000, way above the median price for properties in Waco. In addition, these homes may not be the safest.
Previous clients claimed the Gaineses tried to have them purchase a house in unsafe areas, and the couple was once fined for not reducing lead paint exposure in their projects.