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How Cardboard Can Free Up Precious Storage Space In Your Linen Closet
A typical linen closet is often too small to store all your towels, sheets, blankets, and pillows. Amelia Sudbury on TikTok demonstrates how to maximize limited closet space.
Sudbury suggests wrapping linen around some leftover cardboard for a thinner and neater fold. Ensure the layers are smooth and store them vertically to save room.
Cut boxes into rectangles long enough to stick out of the linen about an inch so you can pull it off the shelf. Write the linen sizes or rooms they belong to along the edge.
Adapt your cardboard panels according to the type of stored linen and the shelf size. For example, a thin fitted sheet needs a smaller cardboard panel than a heavy blanket.
When storing a set of sheets, wrap them around one cardboard panel, then slide it into one pillowcase to keep your entire set together.
For bath towels, swap the cardboard panels for paper towel tubes. Fold a towel in half lengthways, roll it on a tube, and store it side-by-side on a shelf or in a basket.