Ants in a forest on old timber
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How Coffee Grounds Can Keep Ants Out Of Your Home
Used coffee grounds can come to your rescue in the battle against ants in your house. They supposedly work as a natural repellent by throwing a wrench into the ants’ scent trails.
Ants are known for using scent trails to communicate and to find their way around your home, but the caffeine content of coffee acts like a sensory overload on them.
If you've spotted ants in your space, sprinkle used coffee grounds around the areas where they are sneaking in. They'll get a whiff of the strong coffee scent and become perplexed.
The jury is still out on how effective old coffee grounds are, and science suggests it isn't a foolproof method. For better results, make sure your kitchen is spick and span.
Try incorporating other natural ant repellents into the grounds like baking soda, essential oils, spices, or vinegar, and use a borax-based treatment if it gets too bad.