Roses are one of the most popular flowers, mainly because of their association with love. There are over 300 varieties of plants belonging to the Rosa genus, and most can be categorized as either garden roses or standard roses.
Standard roses are bred in greenhouses for florists to sell in bouquets, whereas garden roses were originally bred to be grown outdoors in an uncontrolled environment. Garden roses can easily survive various weather conditions, but standard roses need the greenhouse’s protection and are mostly grown in pots.
Newly planted garden roses should be watered every two to three days, and once established, they only need water twice a week. If the weather is hot and windy, standard roses will need to be watered every day, and they should be frequently fertilized, unlike garden roses.
Garden roses are often used for weddings due to their large size and fuller look. They usually start dropping petals about five days after being put into a vase, but standard roses can survive much longer since they were bred to do so.