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How Do You Care For Terrazzo Flooring?
Terrazzo flooring is a staple among historic landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been around for thousands of years. It is a composite material made from marble, granite, glass, or shell chips, and held together with a binder like epoxy or cement — here’s the best way to clean your terrazzo floor.
Although low-maintenance and highly durable, the finishing seal that keeps your floors shiny and clean will need to be stripped and reapplied semi-regularly. Wax shouldn’t be used to coat your terrazzo floor because it can make it dangerously slippery, and luckily, all you need is a steam mop for surface-level cleaning.
To effectively clean your terrazzo floor, mop with water and a neutral (not alkaline or acidic) cleaner, let it sit for five minutes to dissolve the dirt, and then rinse well. Routine maintenance only includes sweeping and mopping any sand and dirt, but for deeper cleans, hire a professional to strip and reapply the sealer and polish the floor.