Exposed white bags of soil
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How Empty Potting Soil Bags Can Help Expand Your Small Garden
Rather than just throwing away your used soil bags, you can use them as grow bags. This eco-friendly solution can save you money by providing you with a new plant container.
A soil bag can be adjusted to fit the plant and grow with your crops since unrolling the edges will make it taller. To begin, take an empty soil bag and turn it inside out.
Remove excess soil clinging to the bag and poke drainage holes into the bottom. Determine how deep you need your bag and roll the top until it creates your desired depth.
You can roll the bag outward for a colorful trim or inwards for a matching white trim. Once you're finished, fill it with soil and plant your seeds or seedlings.
Although you can use this technique on new bags, it may not stand as neatly since it's packed full. You can empty half its soil into an old bag for more room in the new one.