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How Flushing Your Water Tank Could Save You Money
Flushing your water heater tank regularly helps clear out any naturally occurring sediment, making your heater more efficient and saving you money (and headaches) in
the process.
The water running through your pipes contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that can build up over time and form solid deposits when warmed by your heater.
Sediment buildup prevents the heating element from having proper contact with the water in the tank and makes the whole process less efficient.
Heater tanks are especially prone to collect sediment if connected to a private well or in areas with hard water, a term for excessively mineral-rich water.
With hard water, you should flush your water heater two to three times a year; otherwise, the usual recommendation is to flush your heater at least once a year.
If you're unfamiliar with heater maintenance or it's been over a year since you last flushed your heater, call in a plumber and expect costs to run between $75 and $200.
You can flush the tank on your own in two to four hours, but be attentive and run the drained tank water outside with a hose or collect it in buckets and pour it out as you go.