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How Home Renovation Shows Are Negatively Affecting New Homeowners
Home renovation shows are influencing new homeowners to surrender their personal creativity by conforming to mainstream contemporary design trends in the name of resale value.
This circumstance has worked its way into the real estate scene as well, as long-running series such as "House Hunters" and "Love It or List It" have buyers craving turnkey homes.
HGTV’s shows all follow a generic formula when undergoing major restoration, usually involving natural sunlight, open floor plans, funky light fixtures, and neutrals upon neutrals.
Due to these shows’ popularity, droves of homes begin to be modified to hop on the bandwagon, creating a situation where homes appear almost indistinguishable
on the inside.
Unlike an apartment, a home gives its owner the freedom to transform it. But, with the rise of home improvement reality shows, homeowners now strive for a mainstream aesthetic.
Homeowners are granted less freedom to design their spaces how they want, which transforms the home from a place that defines one's identity to one more consumerist-oriented.