Erin and Ben Napier at the CMA Awards
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How Home Town's Ben And Erin Napier Modernize Laminate Countertops
Many homeowners view laminate kitchen countertops as old-fashioned and dingy, but Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV’s “Home Town” have a simple tactic to give them an updated feel.
The detail that allowed the Napiers to make a kitchen look more modern for a budget-focused client was a square-edged countertop with a natural stone-inspired laminate design.
According to Erin, the square edge of the countertop, even with laminate, would feel more like stone. “To me, the curved edge has always felt very 1997 laminate,” Ben responded.
The biggest benefit of choosing a laminate finish is how much you’ll save. The average cost of laminate countertops is $25-$35 per square foot, while quartz is $40-$100.
Thanks to saving on laminate, the client was able to afford a stunning kitchen with updated cabinetry, modern appliances, a mercury glass backsplash, and more.