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How Homesense Differs From Its Sister Store HomeGoods
HomeGoods and Homesense are sister stores that offer everything from bedding and linens to furniture and kitchen supplies. If you’re unsure which store to go to, these differences can impact your decision.
The most significant difference between these two stores is that Homesense offers more furniture selections and stock, whereas HomeGoods is better for finding throw pillows, blankets, and small chairs. Homesense focuses on hardware, office supplies, books, and lighting, whereas HomeGoods has plenty of linen, towels, and body washes.
While both stores offer similar selections and price ranges, Homesense is great for those looking to refurnish their space with large furniture, and HomeGoods is perfect for redecorating. Both stores are amazing options, and if you’re completely redoing a space, you might want to visit both!