Christmas cactus with pink flowers
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How Hydrogen Peroxide Can Prolong The Life Of Your Christmas Cactus
Christmas cacti are adored for their magenta flowers, but they’re susceptible to root rot due to overwatering. To prevent this, just spray the plant with diluted hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide is a simple remedy to help plants reinforce and nourish their roots. While it’s not considered a fertilizer, it has similar effects and is
much cheaper.
It’s also approved for use in botanical life by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if used in small doses and doesn't come in contact with skin.
To apply hydrogen peroxide to your cactus, you will need to dilute it with water to ensure it is not too strong. A teaspoon of 3% peroxide per cup of water is a safe quantity.
Place this mixture in a spray bottle and mist your plant weekly. If you're addressing more potent health problems, a more invasive approach may be needed.
Simply remove the plant from its pot and apply the mixture directly to the roots before replanting it into new soil or using it to water the plant thoroughly.
Keep in mind that succulents have more sensitive roots than other plants, so be cautious when applying hydrogen peroxide. Less is always best, as more can be added later.