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How Joanna Gaines Puts Her Fixer Upper Spin On Classic Wooden Shutters
To revamp your old shutters with a design that is more rustic chic than rundown, HGTV’s Joanna Gaines recommends reorienting them in a chevron pattern or repainting the wood.
Changing the pattern of your shutters draws attention to them, adds detail to your exterior home design, and makes certain flaws, like mixed or unlacquered wood, look intentional.
Some other patterns that work well for shutters are herringbone and diagonal planks. If patterns aren’t your thing, Gaines suggests painting the wood for an easy and cheap upgrade.
For neutral-toned homes, you can go bold with blue, red, or yellow shutters. If you’d prefer a natural look, apply a stain and a clear coating to let their original finish shine.