WD-40 aerosol spray can with a straw
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How Long Is Your Handy Can Of WD-40 Really Good For?
WD-40 is a versatile product engineered to last an indefinite period, with manufacturers claiming a mechanical shelf life of exactly 5 years after the product's inception.
However, with careful storage and use, it could
last even longer. To maximize
its shelf life, users should ensure the canister's cap
is properly secured to
create an airtight seal.
Any malfunctions with the canister's valve, such as leaks or defective nozzles, can let outside air seep inside the can, potentially speeding up the expiration process.
Recommended by the WD-40 company, to get the most use out of the product, owners should also store the can in an appropriate setting between 4 and
54 degrees Celsius.
Lastly, it's recommended to keep the can in a dry space with proper ventilation. Following these guidelines helps the product perform as expected for years.