Man using spreader to fertilize lawn
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How Long It Takes To See Fertilizer Results, According To An Expert
Rob Palmer, founder and brand president of Lawn Squad, explains that results from fertilizer application on your lawn can typically be seen within a few days to
a week.
Quick-release fertilizers deliver faster results, often within days, whereas slow-release fertilizers take longer but provide prolonged benefits and are safer for
the lawn.
Additionally, fertilizers containing nitrogen or iron are particularly effective at quickly greening up the grass, making them ideal for improving curb appeal in
a pinch.
Conversely, fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium focus on plant and root health, which might not produce immediate visual changes but are crucial for long-term lawn vitality.
For the nutrients to be released and absorbed by the grass, the fertilizer must be activated by water. Neglecting to water the lawn after applying fertilizer can delay the results.