Moving homes is an expensive hassle, and while you have the option to pay more for movers to use their own packaging and box up your belongings, you might not want to pay additional fees. If you choose to pack your own things, it’s up to you how many boxes you want, and we have a few tips to make the move less stressful.
The first step to calculating the number of boxes you’ll need is by making a list of all your items and then dividing them into big and small. You can also use online moving calculators to estimate how many boxes you’ll need, but make sure you get the right type of box since you don’t want any valuable items to be damaged during the move.
The more stuff you have, the more boxes you’ll need, and a bigger apartment, like a two-bedroom, will require twice as many boxes as a studio. If you’re still struggling, it never hurts to get more boxes than you’ll think you need.