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How Milwaukee's Viral Power Tool Is Perfect For Drilling In
Tight Corners
Drilling in places that are at an awkward angle seems almost impossible, but Milwaukee's latest power tool to go viral, thanks to @twstools on TikTok, easily accomplishes the task.
The shape and design of this right-angled attachment allows for space to be freed up, making it easier to move around and push any screws in rather than it bashing into the sides.
All you need to do is slot the right-angled attachment in place on the end of your drill and use it to secure any awkward screws, whether it's at a 90-degree or diagonal angle.
Luckily, this much-loved attachment is easy to find. You can buy an all-metal attachment from MSC Industrial Supply for $60.18 or a less durable plastic one from Amazon for $24.97.