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How Much
Does It Cost
To Paint
Kitchen Size
Most professionals quote repainting prices by square foot, cabinet surface, or per hour, so the bigger your kitchen, the bigger the price tag will be. A larger space with more surface area requires the purchase of more materials — plus, it’ll take longer to complete the job.
Labor Costs
If you decide to hire someone to paint your cabinets for you, you’ll have to pay for the cost of their labor, which changes depending on how many cabinets there are to paint. Although more expensive, hiring a professional ensures more efficient and higher-quality results.
Cost Of Paint
The most expensive part of repainting cabinets comes down to the price of the paint itself, and while high-quality paint will raise the price, a quality coat is crucial for durability. The type of paint you choose also affects the cost, and the favorites for kitchen spaces are oil or latex-based paints.
Primer, painter’s tape, cloth, sanding sheets, and caulk are important for ensuring a job well done. Purchasing these additional supplies will raise the bill, but they can guarantee that the painting project is done correctly.
Time Investment
Homeowners who repaint cabinets themselves will save money, but this usually requires a bigger time investment. Choosing to do the job yourself will take a few weekends, but the experience creates a great opportunity to revamp your kitchen with your kids or a loved one.