Hydrangea plant with blue flowers under open sky
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How Much Space Your Hydrangea Plants Need To Thrive
Depending on their varieties, your hydrangea plants may require between 3 to 10 feet of space to thrive and achieve their
full growth potential.
Bigleaf hydrangeas, known for their large blooms that range from pink to blue and their decorative appeal, require a substantial 7 to 11 feet of
space when fully grown.
Panicle hydrangeas, which have more of a cone-shaped blossom and longer, thinner leaves, can grow fairly large when mature and thrive
with 7 to 13 feet of space.
Smooth hydrangeas, distinguished by their round, cotton ball-like shape, are more modest in their space requirements, necessitating only about 4 to 6 feet.
Oakleaf hydrangeas have smaller blooms with leaves resembling those of an oak tree. They thrive best when provided with 7 to
9 feet of space.
Climbing hydrangeas, which grow as vines rather than traditional shrubs, need approximately 6 to 7 feet of horizontal space in addition to sufficient vertical room.