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How Much Wood You Should Have For A Woodburning Stove In Winter
If you live in the frigid north, you’ll need two to three cords of wood per 1,000 square feet; those in the milder mid-Atlantic or southern climates will need one to two cords.
A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked firewood. Their prices range from $150-500 depending on availability and the type of wood purchased, with hardwoods raising a higher bill.
While this estimate is a good place to start, variables like your personal heating preferences, woodstove experience, and home insulation will affect your needs.
Your choice of firewood also makes a difference, as different tree varieties boast differing heat outputs. A hotter-burning species like oak will make your stock last longer.
Catalytic wood stoves and hybrids use new technology to increase their efficiency and produce more heat (and less pollution), reducing the amount of wood you need.