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Cost Factors
Size, style, property location, the extent of renovations, quality of materials, and any potential structural issues will all impact the cost of a kitchen renovation. Simple changes like repainting the cabinets or replacing the countertops will be cheaper than a complete kitchen remodel.
Cabinets prices will change depending on size and material, as well as the company you decide to hire. Solid wood, wood veneer, laminate, and plywood are all popular material choices, and opting for stock cabinets could save you about half the money you’d spend on a custom cabinet.
Countertop Materials
Granite, marble, quartz, solid surface, and butcher’s block countertops are all great materials with different prices and benefits. For example, butcher’s block countertops are cheaper than quartz, but they absorb more stains than quartz countertops.
Flooring Options
Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen floors, but vinyl sheet flooring and laminate flooring tend to be cheaper and easier to install. Wood flooring is another popular option that can cost $8 per square foot, which is cheaper than ceramic tiles, but more expensive than vinyl and laminate.
Additional Costs
Installation and labor will make up around 18% of your budget, with appliances taking another 15%. Lighting, painting, drywall, plumbing, and working with an interior designer can also rack up a bill, so be sure to factor these elements and leave a little extra room for unexpected expenses into your budget when planning a renovation.