HGTV star Nate Berkus being interviewed
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How Nate Berkus Adds A Unique Touch To Ordinary Kitchen Cabinets
HGTV’s Nate Berkus shared an Instagram post in March 2024, showing his current favorite design ideas, but the star of the video was the wire-mesh kitchen cabinet in the background.
Unlike glass cabinets, this modern and versatile design will elevate the look of your kitchen by exposing the silhouette of your everyday utensils in an unexpected way.
Designers are tapping the trend as a big one for 2024 — and with benefits ranging from easy, cost-effective installation to versatile design, wire mesh cabinets are a no-brainer.
These cabinets evoke the free-flowing nature of an open shelving plan, without looking cluttered. They’re also a unique storage solution for displaying decorative goods.
Wire mesh is durable, long-lasting, and allows for better airflow so that your utensils and plateware stay in better condition, making it a practical design choice.
The material also has the power to break up basic cabinetry and add visual interest while providing a sense of texture that helps to elevate any kitchen space.