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How Nate Berkus Uses Scale To Expertly Style Your Home’s Furniture
When styling furniture, interior designer Nate Berkus says, "It's all about scale, if you have a high-backed sofa, low chairs are probably not going to sit with that attractively."
In interior design terms, scale is understanding how one piece or object relates to others in the same space, including the space itself and a human figure.
With Berkus’ advice in mind, calmly envision a space and think about what furniture needs to go. The pieces should be scaled to each other, not the size of the room.
If you have a large room and a small sofa, you can achieve quite a striking look with negative space by scaling up the other furniture, such as the coffee table and chairs.
When restyling a room, choose your most important furniture by making a ranked list and pulling out whatever is on the bottom. Now you have a blueprint of what to build around.