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How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets?
The exterior of your kitchen cabinets is always exposed to dust, cooking splatters, and greasy or wet hands, and the interior is to store your food items and crockery.
Hence, cleaning your cabinets inside and out is crucial for maintaining a pristine kitchen and good hygiene. The frequency of cleaning them depends on how much
muck they encounter.
The outside and inside of your cabinets don't require the same level of care. The exterior, being exposed to multiple elements, requires more frequent cleaning than the interior.
Ideally, clean your cabinets’ surface and their knobs and handles once a week or at least every two weeks. Cooking splatters and spills should be addressed immediately.
Dust and grease can also amass inside your cabinets, so try cleaning the interior every two to three months. If the dust buildup is minimal, clean it every three to five months.