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How Often Should You Be Washing Your Bed Sheets
According to Maeve Richmond, founder of the organizing coaching firm Maeve's Method, you may be making a mistake with your bedsheets if you wash them more than once a month.
Richmond claimed to Taste of Home that if you don't sweat profusely while sleeping or you're not a stickler for smell, then going a month between washings is perfectly acceptable.
However, Richmond maintains that bedsheets should be washed more often if you sleep in the buff, are sick, or jump into bed immediately following a sweaty workout.
The Sleep Foundation recommends washing bed linens once a week, but washing linens every week will — over time — lead to faded coloring and fabric fatigue.
Unless your sheets are heavily soiled, opt for the "normal" or "casual" setting on your washer, and give them enough room in the washer to avoid deterioration.