An air vent cover removed from the air vent
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How Often You Should Clean Your Air Vents In The Summer
Constant use of your home air conditioning system can increase the accumulation of dust and debris in and around HVAC vents, which can decrease air quality in your house.
To avoid triggering allergies or compounding respiratory issues, it's vital to clean your air vents regularly during the summer months by implementing a proactive cleaning routine.
During the summer, aim to complete a light cleaning at least once a month, especially if you live with a smoker, pets that frequently shed, or housemates with allergies or asthma.
Run a microfiber duster, cloth, or a slightly moist Mr. Clean Magic Eraser along the vent's slats to remove any debris that has collected on and around the louvers.
You can also use the brush on your vacuum cleaner to suck up debris on grille covers. A deeper clean should take place at least twice a year, with one in the spring before summer.
Turn off the HVAC system and carefully remove the vent cover with a screwdriver. Once the grate is detached, soak it in hot, soapy water in a bathtub or sink.
Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub off remaining grime. To avoid damaging the vent cover's paint, don't soak it for an extended period of time and resist scouring the slats.
For stubborn stains, lightly wipe them with a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Finally, allow the covers to dry and replace the unit's air filter before reattaching them.