Whole and sliced purple onions on a cutting board.
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How Onion Can Solve Your Garden’s Possum Problem
Possums will often leave behind a trail of nibbled leaves, half-eaten fruits, nuts, and uprooted plants, turning your garden into a nightly feast for these nocturnal foragers.
Fortunately, you can use onions to deter them effectively. Since they have a highly developed sense of smell, possums find the distinct aroma and taste of onions repulsive.
The sulfur compounds in onions create an olfactory shield that possums would rather avoid. Strategically place sliced onions or onion-based solutions in key areas of your garden.
While chopped onions, onion peels, or a concoction of crushed garlic and onions are potent repellents, you must regularly replace them to maintain their potency.
Rainfall can also dilute onion odor, so monitor weather conditions and adjust accordingly. Avoid exposing pets to onion-infused areas, as they can prove toxic to some animals.